A Not-to-miss Travel Guide to Isla Holbox, Mexico

A Not-to-miss Travel Guide to Isla Holbox, Mexico

So, if I'm going to be completely forthright, half of me is dying to write this, and the other half of me never wants to speak to anyone about it ever again. Although Holbox (prounounced "hole-bosh") is becoming more and more popular each year, it’s still a bit of a hidden gem in Mexico (and I don't entirely want to blow the whistle on it!).

Your Travel Guide to Costa Brava, Spain

In all honesty, before we started planning our recent trip to Spain, we’d never even heard of the Costa Brava region before. In doing our research of where to visit in Spain, we came across this incredible place, and the more we read about it, the better it sounded. Turns out, it’s incredibly beautiful, magnificent and enchanting.

The Lowdown on Tulum Beach Clubs

What exactly is a beach club? I  found myself pondering this question on a recent trip to Tulum, Mexico. Based on other beach towns and Caribbean Islands that I’d previously visited, I always assumed that by designating itself a beach club, a business is offering up its beach space and services to the public (for fees or expectation of food and/or beverages purchases). In Tulum, however, this doesn’t necessarily ring true.