All the things we could never travel without

We travel A LOT (shocking I know), and we now have the packing process down to a craft. We have our favourite bags that include designated pockets for just about everything. As well, after many, many trips we have tons of favourite products that make our travels easier and more efficient. We’ve put together a customized list for you of these items and also managed to score you a few discounts along the way (keep reading to find them!).

Wireless cards:


We’re from Canada, and one unfortunate thing that our country is known for is its exorbitant data fees (one of the most expensive in the world) and it gets even worse when roaming.  Thankfully we discovered MIFI cards or Pocket Wifi. We first tried this out on a recent trip to Spain and Portugal and it ended up being a life saver. We had wifi wherever we went so that we could keep our followers up to date and continuously post Instagram stories and photos. We also encountered some terrible hotel wifi, and the card was perfect for uploading our daily vlogs. One thing to always look for when getting a card is unlimited data. There are loads of options out there, so I’d suggest not settling for a plan that caps your usage. Keep in mind that these devices only provide data and not cellular service so you'll need to depend on apps like WhatsApp and Skype to make calls and receive texts.

Wifivox: On our Spain/Portugal trip we used Wifivox. They are based in Barcelona which made pick up and drop off super easy. The device was waiting for us at our first hotel when we checked in and we were able to leave it when we checked out of our final hotel before heading to the airport. Because we were visiting two countries we had to switch out the SIM card when entering and leaving Portugal but it was simple and seamless.    

To order one, click here and use the code 'DELIGHT2017' to receive a 10% discount.

Tep Wireless: More recently we came across Tep Wireless which actually gives you the option of purchasing your own device, rather than renting it from them each time. They have coverage in most countries and provide unlimited data so this seemed like a no brainer for us. Shipping was incredibly fast (3 days from the UK to Canada)! We tested out our new device on a recent Mexico trip. We found the data to be a bit slow but Mexico doesn’t have the best internet services so we’re looking forward to trying it in other countries. We did have some problems with the buttons on our device, but I can personally account that their Customer Service is top notch. They were always helpful and very quick to respond. They also have lots of different ways to connect with them, including WhatsApp. They sent us a replacement device immediately as soon as we requested it. We’re excited to keep using this on all our future travels! A nice bonus is that you don't need to switch SIM cards as you enter a new country. 

They were even nice enough to offer a discount to all you fabulous readers! To order one, click here and use the code 'DelightfulTravellers' to receive 15% off.

Beach Safe:


Flexsafe by Aquavault: If you follow our travels regularly (if, not what are you doing?!) you know how much we love the beach! However, we always found ourselves stressing out about our wallets and phones every time we went for a swim and would constantly keep one eye on the beach. I’d come across a couple of safes to be used on the beach but they were all hard shelled and way too big for our carryon only needs. Thankfully, along comes the Flexsafe from Aquavault. It’s light and packable and super easy to use, and attaches to almost anything. Even if you’re not a beach person, this would be great to use in a hotel room that doesn’t have a safe, or other places you may need to lock up your passport, wallet and other small valuables.

Being the awesome company that they are, they’ve offered our readers a discount on your next purchase! Click here and use the code 'insta10foryou' to get 10% off.

The Cameras:


The number one question we are always asked is “what camera do we use?”. So here we go:

Canon G7X: This is our awesome vlogging camera, but we also frequently use it to take photos. This camera is really popular in the vlogging world but if video is not your thing, don't let that stop you, it takes tremendous photos. At the end of the day it is Canon glass, after all. 

Get it here: 

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF7: This camera is relatively small which makes it easy to pack and carry around. It takes great daylight photos, but it’s not as good with low light. We only have the lens it came with but the lenses are changeable. We love the flip up display screen which makes taking a selfie so much easier! It also has built in wifi to easily transfer photos to your phone or laptop.  Bonus points for the cool, retro look of this camera.

You can find the newest version of the camera here:


Panasonic Lumix DMC- FZ70: This camera has a fixed lens. That being said, the zoom on it is truly incredible and that’s primarily what we use it for. It also has a burst mode so that you can capture multiple photos in a single moment. 

iPhones: we have an iPhone 6S and an iPhone 7. We occasionally use them for photography but the iPhone 7 is also waterproof which is a huge perk for us. It’s great for taking both in and underwater photos and videos. We’re currently in search of something to attach it to in the water (so that we don’t drop it), so if anyone has suggestions, please let us know!

Extra USB charging Ports:

One of the most annoying things about travelling is arriving in a new hotel or AirBNB and discovering there aren’t nearly enough plugs to charge all the devices. To help with this issue, we bought some devices with multiple usb ports. One of them plugs into a computer’s USB port and offers 4 additional ports, the other plugs into the wall and has two additional USB ports. Both and small and easy to pack.

Both are made by Nextech and you can find them both here:


Bluetooth Speaker:

Nude Move M: We absolutely love this bluetooth speaker. It has surprisingly good sound for its size! It’s small, compact and easy to pack. It also has a handy little cord on it so you can hang it on a doorknob or wall hook.

Get one here:

Battery backups:

We basically never leave home without these. We usually travel with two or three of them. They are incredibly convenient for times when you can’t plug in your phone or other devices that are running low on juice. Just remember to keep them charged!

Get one here:

Cord wraps:

Do your cords and headphones get all tangled up in a giant ball of annoyingness? These cord wraps are perfect for keeping everything in order and untangled. Our friend makes awesome leather products but we're guessing you can find them in lots of places.

You can find his work here.


Urban Ears: These are our favourite headphones! They are not only super comfy over the ear, but they also have an extra port so we can both plug in and watch a movie/tv show together. Bonus, they come in loads of cute colours!

Get them here:

These are just a few of the things that make travelling so much easier and efficient for us. What works for you? What can't you travel without? Is there something we're missing that we need to have? Let us know in the comments below!